Remote Restore

Restore any file to any device.


If you are on the run, and need files located on various devices, then NetPro Backup is your answer. From any device you can search for your files and push them to any device with a couple of clicks. It is that easy.

How does it work?

1. Go to the Discovery Tab

2. Search for anything

3. Select the results from any device

4. Select Remote Restore and Select the device to send the files to; all files will be restored to the location you have selected without any intervention

Key Features:

1. Get files from any device automatically pushed to any computer

2. Remotely restore from any device from anywhere in the globe (mobile Phone, tablet or a different computer)

3. Select where to restore files (Desktop, documents or any folder)

4. Initiate more than one restore operation at a time

5. Restore files in a specified date range