Cloud Backup - What is it?
Cloud Backup - What is it?
Why cloud backup?

Unlike legacy systems where you have to store your backup data on a physical medium like a hard-drive, SAN or NAS storage system, cloud backup ensures permeant data retention so long as your account is active. This does not mean that when your account registration is expired or not renewed your data will disappear from the cloud. On the contrary, cloud backup is considered as the safest, most secure way to store data for the longest periods without having to worry about them magically disappearing or compromised by an attack or a hack on your local system.  

Why migrate to Cloud Backup?

Ask yourself this question, "Why have I started using Drive/DropBox/OneDrive?


The answer to both questions is pretty much the same, however, cloud backup systems provide more advanced tools to organize and manage your backed-up files. With the strong torrent of change towards digitization and artificial intelligence, data is slowly becoming a more valuable asset than most systems that host it. The data on your phone can be worth millions! your phone however is disposable, replaceable and in many ways vulnerable to attacks/theft and loss. Same goes for your laptop and personal desktop computer.

When talking about business applications though, data becomes more sensitive, more valuable and possibly a matter of life and death to some organizations. Can you imagine an I.T Manager's face when he wakes up to a datacenter that was a victim of a fire breakout? How would he reply to that H.R executive asking him for last years employee records? Or a site engineer asking him for those drawings he trusted the backup system with?

All the previous scenarios are just a glimpse of what could happen to on-premise backup systems. Let alone other problems like managing the file versions and copies of the same document with slight changes that can waste valuable hours of employees only trying to access the right update of a given document.

Does this mean that the Cloud is all virtual?


Not quite. NetPro's cloud is hosted on a physical data center, no doubt. But such datacenters are not only limited to YOUR account. Think of it as a massive shared warehouse. Hundreds of companies trust us with their data (that we cannot access, thanks to the unbreakable encryption policies) and we have intelligent algorithms to sort the data on our devices in the most efficient way to give you endless access possibilities. This is why you get so much while paying so little. It's economies of scale, since you bear only a small margin of the overheads you would bear if you had to host such backup files yourself!


Optimized storage for your personal or small office/home office needs. Standardized bundles that offer a wide array of backup and access configurations


Tailor your configuration as per your business requirements. Everything from hybrid backup systems that integrates on premise storage to hot/cold storage combinations