Powerful Cloud-Based
Backup Solution

Never lose a bit of data after you sign up

Our packages suit your personal and business needs. With desktop and mobile management tools, you have full control over your backed up data and flexible decentralized access



Media aware

A.I photo detection


Complete audit

SaaS data recovery

Cloud Based

Having your data backed-up on a cloud means that access is not limited to your presence on premise. It is as simple and convenient as accessing a website or your email. Plus you avoid accidental loss of your data due to hardware damage or loss.

Safe and Secure

Our servers provide state of the art security against hacking, data breach and digital attacks. This saves you a considerable amount of investment in security products to protect your data on site.


With our desktop and mobile tools, you can easily backup/access your data from any device. You can also customize and restrict access based on permissions and policies!